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Related article: Date : Fri, December 21, 2001 February 16 18 -0800 From: Roderick Shafton u003cbawdypen hotmail. com u003e Subject: Lenny Gathering Part 2 ( WS SCAT ) Gather Lenny - Part 2 Joey launched queue when Lenny started slopping big balls all \\ \\ n Joey. It took me a while to realize this until Joey - the hand of his s still slide up and down hard cock sensuously Will. When he did, he pulled his hand away. But he called and put it back on its axis. " So, what 's that, a plan for me Lenny apprentice? " Smiled suspected of Joey. " No, idiot. I just remember how fast it is coming. " " Yes," I grabbed Will's hand and placed it back on his cock. " But that was when we were 14th career that stupid. All - mutual thing, remember? " smiled and gave Joey a rotation of the tail vertebrae, cutting Lenny nose in the process. However, Lenny continues to pour hot nuts. Joey opened his mouth and pulled his hand away. " Oh, stop it! Stop, I am very close ! " laughed and let Lennyped as Joey opened his mouth and took a big breath. " Mutherfuckers me hot," he admitted, only shrugs its original dangerous, so that solve. When he finally sighed, Lenny dove down - of the language - but Joey cracked his head. ", I relax a little. " He Hahn published again, as if and would have blown the cork. "And in turn that Willy movie. " Bent Lenny back and happy to hit the off button. The n groans and sounds of the chicks have been caught twice dis - Recruitment for him too. He stood up... own impressive cock bouncing with excitement. Joey stared, not knowing she was nodding the head, inside flesh thought it was pretty good for a fag. " Yes, what? " He asked, smiling mischievously. "huh? " " You were nodding his head. Whatcha think? " " Oh, nothing. Hey, do you like the hell out of this, right?" " Yes, well, undermines Lenny to hell. But surely this is fun. " "Before, when you know..... that woulda Lickd my dick sucked... I... When I agreed. Is not it true ? " Do you think for a moment and smiled. " Probably. I was a hot guy. I've never been as nervous as you. "" You're still a child of the cornea. Lick my dick. " laughed to challenge his friend. " Do you want me to be Lenny apprentice? You've always wanted to be the boss. "" Just as long as I talk things? "" I know "he smiled. " Maybe because I always like my ideas. In this way. " He snapped his fingers and pushed Lenny way. Lenny taste filled his face between my thighs and Wills licked. He looked at Joey, and suddenly leaned forward and Joey up the tail. he took the tongue over the swollen head, and kissed. he gave an offer to suck all over. Then he sat over again. " I'm not a bastard, Joey. I have more than pussy grip. But much worse than the putting my best friend 's cock in my mouth. Furthermore, " he stood over again: " They wanted to see me. Maybe you want aMMER have. Do I suck ? "" Hell, no! "explosion Joey. " Oh, come on. Let's put this bastard n to work! "He got up and returned to Lenny n e started his tail over Lenny to run his neck. to suppress a smile, not wanting to cause really Joey. A At least not until he had his dick his friend buried the tail. And he was willing to fuck, just do it. yes, was perhaps a bit exaggerated... spend a little revenge for Joey is the responsibility of their Sexplay before that Will was. not willing that was gay by all means... that, well, he has enjoyed a kind with fawn and drool all over her body - as Lenny and n \\ \\ and as another pair. loved his friend, a brother to s, probably never see anything on the other hand, the arrogant, intrusive studies knees and prayed his cock! Well, first things first \\ \\ n. jumped. " meo ! "He said, Lenny grabbed her hair half and stuck his cock emptied into the man in the mouth. " You do not... ? "Joey snatched and backed away. " Oh yes, I am open his throat, Lenny. The favorite champagne down the tube. " Rested Lenny with enthusiasm on his heels and waited. "A piss drinkers understand, too! Damn, is not my carpet! " "Relax, man. He is very smooth in this case. Down the esophagus without an drop. Watch. " Is took a deep breath and relaxed under gentle tingling warned of its tail, until the first boot Lenny the flood is coming. His fingers were ready for the event, , the child stopped, but does not have to worry about. lenny intake The acrid piss as lemonade. Joey swallowed the sight of his amazed thirsty throat of warm urine. do you have to pinch soon. " I save a little. We will need it later. " "Ugh Fuckin 'male urinal, what a... crazy. " For some reason Joey Lenny does not like Preteen Sex to insult each one stronger than the feeling. " Your turn," said Joey. " Hey, do not you save me ! ' " Nee pee. Put your cock in your mouth and take. ""Yes, Yes, I think I will," agreed Joey, Lenny torsion the head back a little harder than I wanted. "Piss Drinker " that put his tail Preteen Sex between his lips ready, Lenny, but nothing has happened. He began to fidget. " Take it easy chief, Fuck " He chuckled. " How long have you piss ? He drinks it, but you have to relax, to do so. " " Oh, yes. Very good. " He mixed his feet and his eyes closed s. When the flow begins felt his eyes and yawned n opened with the man under the rays of the explosion of its flood acorn directly into the stomach. A good bladderful and Lenny opened without effort. Joey kept his cock in her mouth Lenny, as he was back full of blood - the intent to follow a good pissing with a creamy nectar. But Will intervened and pushed aside. " Now comes the good part! " Enthuses. " Kneel Joey go, why not, a , put on the couch with her ass. And Lenny, to get down and suck ass. Open to suck. Suck do shit! " \\ \\ n "now? "Joey swallowed. " But... you... " Lenny looked ready, but confused. "Again bingo. I have nothing. But Joey did. Y You want some shit, right? " " Well, I guess," said Lenny, absently stroked. His penis was as hard as possible to get. " ? Of course that want him to just suck, or I do not want to eat, " looked pleadingly at Will - We both know Is was the decision. his hand on Lenny 's shoulder. You can smell "to decide. You see, as , and it tastes good. If it's so juicy and sweet, not control herself, she goes right and eat everything. are not sure that something less than that if you do. " A little cream explosion came from Lenny suddenly pisshole ran its axis. He quickly gathered and licked the of his fingers. "I'm ready, Will! " "But I come to ! " Joey complains. " Nope. You have to be on the verge of it, mate," said Will. " Are you sure efforts, I look bad odor to the place ! " JOey accused. "You can see shit tomorrow night. We have about Lenny n again. " " not want to see shit! " Joey shouted, then covered her mouth, for Preteen Sex fear of neighbors could have heard. " ! Yikes " " Hey, buddy," he cooed, " you and I have a bowel movement -. sucker N here and would certainly be a shame not na take advantage of this no is "" Hmmm. very well. I want the hole to feel my tongue again. n However, from a towel or something. that he had not right? "\\ \\ n " as far as I know... but its mandate... " " no, not me!" Lenny said, annoyed. " But let with him while I'm cursed in the mood! " He practically pushed Joey on the couch. Joey has n in the right position with his head down on the pillow and sighed, as Lenny covered his face with his crack and began to smell and washing your ass. Do you smiled and ran quickly and has a large towel. Better safe than sorry. He returned and spread on the floor down, Lenny pat on the back. thenHe stepped back easy to enjoy the show and tried to keep his hand from his cock s. His mouth open when Lenny and withdrawn shortly looked at his work. Joey Asslips were swollen bulb and expand gradually. "Damn. Once, someone called a big ass, Joey. I almost killed him, but now I know what he meant. " "huh? " Joey mumbled. " Nothing. Move Joey slowly. Lenny has a sweet tooth for Tootsie Roll. Take a shit on the bastard 's mouth " will now was glad Lenny hit him in the car on the road by. He had good control, but due to the sticky darkness white stones in the ass Joey - between hits Lenny tongue - which had uncontrollable rays. can still n. " Mmmm ! " Lenny groaned, obviously, find the first test more than pleasant. He licked around the extended assring thick feces began to Joey to injury. " Awww, I do! " Joey complained. " Juicy" Will whispered, murmured, and quicklycovered. "Lenny, who is juicy enough for you ?" Now he wanted to has remained only the mouth closed. He and Lenny were affected flesh angry. About four inches were straight out of Joey. A dark, moving rocks, the perfect intestine. Lenny kept licking his time enough to look over at will. " Suck it, man! " Impatience will. "Suck my friend TURD! AW, fuck, Joey. THAT'S SO HOT! " Lenny did not hesitate. He opened his mouth and let it twisted, just smelly stool n kind huge ass. Careful not to break began to tenderly sucking the juice from Joey fat in the stool. " Oh, he is sucking ! HE 'S SWEET sucking his TURD, Joey! " was over. He was whipping his tail violently. n drew closer, his eyes fixed on the stool / oral Connection n, and shot an incredible load the whole page n face Lenny! As Joey put it, Lenny released back , from the lips with one handwhile the Other squeezed his cock - a geyser shooting up to half of the blanket , and that he bit the tip of feces and chewed Joey that, as he shook all over. Joey turned into a happy dream and saw the two lying on the ground covered with sperm. Will had another chance by themselves. " Hey, is anyone clean my ass? " Then he saw Lenny stool protruding from the mouth of his erection like it. Passed over it, with the intention of shoot his sperm on the last face fag asshole, but in Preteen Sex the minute he turned and sent directly injected several surprised by Wills, face yet exhausted. He did not specify shit... He had just reached the biggest of his life. He licked his lips. Comments appreciated... Please mention the story. bawdypen hotmail. com ( If you like my stories to consider, please donate in Nifty on the website to keep running. )
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